Youth Classes at WIM

Tween – Teen

Thursdays 7:30-8:15 pm

Yoga for tweens and teens is a class that offers a place to refocus and recharge, while building skills necessary for daily challenges through movement, breath work, meditation, as well as relaxation. While this is generally a more gentle class, we incorporate fresh challenges, often through balancing postures. It is also important to us that the students have a voice in their practice. They are therefore encouraged to share how they are showing up with regard to energy level, stress, and more so that (as much as possible) we can best meet their needs within this group setting.

Mixed Age Under 10

Thursdays, 5:30-6:15pm

Join us weekly for this mixed age class in which older students are often invited to participate in leading while also being given modifications to support their own practice. All classes will engage in an initial “mindful moment” to settle into class as well as breath work, poses, games and a period of relaxation. The use of stories, songs and crafts will also be a periodic part of our yoga experience together!

Mixed Age 10+

Tuesdays, 7:15-8:00pm

Our Mixed Age 10+ class offers a place to release and refocus while building skills necessary for daily life (school, friendships, sports, etc) through movement, breath work, meditation, as well as relaxation. This class is customized for the  “almost tween” to early tween and strikes a balance of learning through games and cooperative interaction as well as more traditional yoga elements.

Instructor: Kathleen Zdenek
Cost: $30/month or $10/class. Discount for siblings available.
Contact Kathleen at 814-359-8819 or

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